Youth Leaving Facebook, Here is the Reason

Facebook is a social media platform through which young people connect with each other, but the latest study is the threat of Facebook. In the latest study of e-marketers in New York market research company, it is revealed that young people are leaving Facebook.

Due to platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, Youth leaving the Facebook. The research firm has claimed that 2.8 million users left Facebook in 2017, whose age was less than 25 years. The research firm has expressed that in 2018, 2.1 million young people under the age of 25 will leave Facebook.

Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are tempting youth due to their excellent features such as filters, crop, while Facebook does not have all these features. Facebook is the largest social networking site, but it is proving to be a failure of the youth.

The e-marketer has expressed that in the year 2018, the number of youngsters under the age of 25 years of Instagram will increase to 1.6 million and 1.9 million users of Snapchat users. The e-marketers claimed in 2017 that Facebook’s popularity would be reduced among the youth.

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