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YouTube has changed its logo for the first time, introduce new features

Written by Anuj Prajapati

YouTube has changed its historical logo for desktop and mobile apps with some major design changes for the first time. In addition to minor changes, this is the first time that YouTube’s logo has been changed in the last several years.

Google says that this change will make YouTube logo work better on different devices, even on the smallest screens.


According to the report, new changes, color scheme, and many major changes will also be made in its service, due to which there will be many new things to use on desktop and mobile app version.

At the beginning of this year, a major change was made on YouTube’s desktop website and has already included clean interfaces and new features, of which ‘Dark Mode’ is the flagship launched to watch the video at night. According to the new report, Google and Facebook rule the APP ecosystem in America.

According to the report, “YouTube is second with 71 percent of AP customers, while Google’s search app is 61 percent with the customer number four.”


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